MAGGIES PRIDE. "PRIDE as all of her friends know her"
She was out of MAGGIE on our gone but not for gotten page, at least she got to leave one mark on this earth before she had to leave. We sadly lost PRIDES mom due to giving life to this wonderful filly.
PRIDE was born on may 12th 2007 and had never even got to see her mom but she did get to say good-bye before she left. So now she has become one of our kids, we never did find a nurse mare for her so she really does think she's a human. I have went out to try and find her some horse friends but she still prefers to be with humans.
Update: Pride is doing great and become more of a horse every day she is still pushy but I hope that will change in time. We have just got her papers back from AQHA!
In 2011 Pride had 30 days under saddle she was doing great and I think could come back really easy she is a great horse and I have made the biggest decision ever to put her up for sale as I just don’t have the time I once used to I love this horse so much but she needs a home where she is their pride!