"Maggie"   Rap Music , she a 16 year old 16.hh Reg'd TB mare. She's the best mare I've have the pleasure of owning. She's never been mean to the new horses that are brought in and was always happy to see you. She was raced on the track and you'd never know it sitting on her back. She was truly a push button pony, you could point her at any fence and she'll gladly fly over it. 

       We got her given to us by some very nice people south of calgary on May 06. I took her over to a breeder down the road that had a Reg'd AQHA cremello stallion and had maggie bred. She caught on her first time and is expecting on May 10th 07" this will be Maggie's first foal .We have been awaiting this little foal for a long time. We couldn't wait to meet this foal, it had to be a keeper. Mind and heart of the dam with the palomino coloring. We will post pictures of this foal when it arives!

        UPDATE MAY 16 2007:
       Well it was a sad night on May 11th, 2007 Maggie went in to labour and looked like every thing was going good, the water bag was showing. Then she started pushing and that is when it happened! She prolapsed her rectum, we called the vet and he was in the city and it would take him a while to get out. He said there was nothing we could do for her so all we could do was to try and save the foal .

        30 minutes later we managed to get the foal out and she looked dead but when I ripped the sac off, her nose was moving so we grabbed her and rubbed her and she came around. So I milked Maggie to give her foal, that first milk that is so very important to make her life better but it was so sad. I've never had a foal born to me ever and this is not the way I imagined it to be. When the vet finally got here the baby was up walking around looking for mom. He was surprised that we did get the foal out and had said that this only happens once in a million, well that's what they say about Chester too! .

        We put poor old Maggie down and all of us including the filly said our goodbyes, I never heard a noise out of the filly until her mom died she whinnied at her as if to say thank you and good bye. Without Maggie pushing at the end we would have never got this little bundle of joy out in time!

        Maggie made the best foal ever, she's really long legged and very correct. She really would be proud of her, that's why we have decided to name the baby Maggie's Pride, Pride for short. 

        Good-bye for now old girl, I know you'll be waiting for me when I reach those pearly gates with your daughter beside you. We will run around with no pain and no worries only the wind will be faster then us! But for now I promise to be the mom you couldn't be. I can't teach her to run the way you could have but I will try my very best even though she already beats me a 4 days old.