This is our boy July, he will never be forgotten....we purchased him when he was 16 years old for Ken, he was the best thing that ever happened to him! Ken is the rider he has become today because of this old man. July was great friends with my beloved Honey horse and when we lost her July was never the same, he was always "looking for honey".
  On July 14th 2015 JULY  was taken from us the same way Chester was taken almost 10 years to the day.  July was hit by lighting, as we stood inside our home and watched him hit the ground there was nothing we could do but hold ours kids close till the storm passed....of course our daughter Kennady had took July as her own by this point in his life...he was 20 years young, still 100% sound and still young at heart he had the biggest heart a horse could ever have....July made Kennady the most confident rider and gave her 1st places at penning, something she only dreamed of before she mounted July.
  July is with his Honey now and I feel at peace knowing he is where he wanted to be in green pastures running around with Honey... until we meet again old friend I know you will all be waiting at the end of the trails for us.