April 8th 2019, today was a very sad day... we rescued a bunch oh older geldings only 9 short days ago, 1 of them was in so much pain there was nothing we could do other then to ease his suffering and let him go from this world. Peanut as I called him because he was so skinny he looked liked a peanut shell was the sweetest horse I have ever met, that says a lot because I have met a lot. I did not know him long but he will forever hold a piece of my heart. 

Peanut left this world and opened my eyes to a new chapter in our lives.....


Now that a lot of the over breeding has stopped, proven by the lack of foals at the auctions. I have found my soft spot for these old broke to death old horses....I used to be like everyone else and always looking for young sound horses to rescue, the sad part is I should have also been focused on the crippled and injured ones. What I have come to realize is these horses need our help more then ever!!!! 

I know owners think they are doing their old crippled or injured a favor by sending them to the auction so they can finally be put out of their pain, but what they do not understand is that all horses slaughtered must be drug free for 180 days "6 months". Drugs such as simple Dewormer, Bute , Banamine, and antibiotics need to have a with drawl of 180 days "6 months". This unfortunately means these horse's will now be suffering even worse then they ever have before....no pain medications for 6 months while they wait for their suffering to come to an end.


If you or someone you know has a horse that needs to be put down we will help no questions asked we are not here to judge we just want to help, as we believe that every horse deserves to die with dignity and respect. I do understand why some people send them to auction because instead of paying $600 they get $600 if you don't have money that is a lot. Please if you do need help call Mandy (403)-852-8235