"People come and go but horses leave hoof prints on your heart." ~ Unknown

Update: We have now re-opened are gate's, we had a pretty tough year last year.
   This has been a very long hard road we have loved and lost so many horses in the last couple years, there were days when we just wanted to give up. It takes a very strong person to love these horses and then let them go....you may try your hardest to find them all great homes but you never really know, all you can do is hope that one day the right person will come along and open their heart to one of the horses.


       Hello and welcome to the Last Chance Horse Rescue Home page. Sadly there are so many horse's out there that are on there way to slaughter for no reason.
And the worst part is most of them are weanling's,yearlings and two year olds.
     We started our rescue a couple months after a freak accident claimed the life of our horse Chester in august 2005. We had no money saved up to buy a new horse. So we went to a horse sale to find a cheaper broke horse. And what we found was perfectly good horse's going for meat!. That day we brought home alot more then just a broke horse we brought home an overwhelming desire to try and help these horse's that can not speak for themselves. A bunch of weanling's also got a ride home with us. Sadly we could not bring all of them home.          
     All we can do now is try to save some of these great creature's. On our site you will find many horse's that have been rescued and are awaiting placement in new loving & responsible home's. If you see a horse that you like, please contact us for pricing if not yet listed. And yes we do take deposits on our horse's but we ask for $3 a day for feed. We do also ask that horse's be paid in full and removed from our farm within one month from the time the deposit is left. We have alot of horse's coming in that need our help, so hence we need all of the room we can get. We do not board horse's here sorry for this inconvenience.

    Please note " All prices are subjected to GST "

     Feel free to look around on are site and if you have any questions or comments please email them to us!



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